Making geo-environmental data work flows simple and efficient.

Laboratory Results

Laboratory Results

Laboratory results comprise a significant investment of your organisations time and money. With no organised way to manage these results they get lost in staff emails, and critical exceedances may not be identified until months down the track.

Laboratory Reports can be automatically uploaded into ESdat and staff receive an immediate notification and, if applicable, an exceedance alert. The results are available for all staff (with permissions) to review immediately and into the future.

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Field Work

Field Work

Capture data electronically - no more hand written notes.

Collect new locations, record measurements & observations & take photos from the one interface.

Outback and out of network coverage? We have a solution.

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Viewing & Reporting

Viewing & Reporting

Interrogate your data with ad-hoc filters.

Combine historical and ongoing field or laboratory data with confidence.

View data in tables, maps and graphs.

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Managing Projects

Managing Projects

Comprehensive auto-scheduled sampling events.

Direct lab interaction to track your submissions.

Automatic notification of exceedances.

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Share with Others

Share with Others

Collaborate with colleagues, clients or the public.

Control data availability and how it's viewed.

Reduce response time to stakeholder requests.

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“The ability to efficiently interrogate data from multiple projects allows for improved research outcomes and continued environmental protection of one of Australia’s most pristine landscapes.

The roll-out of the broader ESdat license has been fantastically facilitated by the EScIS team to ensure a smooth transition and successful uptake across multiple teams”

Amie Leggett, SSB Project Manager