Helping YOU do, what YOU want, with YOUR data

As an environmental specialist you receive data from multiple suppliers such as laboratories, data loggers or contractors.

You want data inflow to be automated and reliable. The data ready to review, analyse and report.

EScIS can configure an ESdat platform to meet the typical needs of multiple industries including: Consultants, Mining, Industry, Goverment and others. If required EScIS can personalise it further to meet many unique needs.

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We have a big and varied data set with around half a million discrete analyses which is accessed by multiple user groups for different purposes. Migrating the data set into ESdat Server has made a huge difference in terms of speed, stability and data security.

The ESdat Server Web Interface provides amazing reporting functionality. The ability to make ‘live’ changes is fantastic and the QC reporting is comprehensive. We’ve also maintained ESdat Desktop and our more advanced users apply this for powerful filtering and interrogation of the complex data set.

ESdat has significantly improved our environmental data management.

Australian Antarctic Division