Implementation Planning & Change Management

Leverage our experience to avoid disruption.

At EScIS we value building long-standing relationships with all our clients.

Simply purchasing software does not necessarily lead to success.

Weak planning and ineffective roll-out can create more problems than you'd hoped to solve.

Successful, Positive Change Management = Vision + Resources + Engagement + Skills + Implementation Plan

By leveraging our experience and know-how, you can transform your business to be more productive, increase engagement with your staff, build capacity and reduce the risk associated with organisational change.

  1. What's your Vision? How will you measure success?
  2. Do you have the resources to support the change?
  3. Is your team 'on board' and how do they benefit?
  4. Does your team have the skills for success?

Careful consideration of these questions is critical to a successful implementation of any software, including ESdat.

Implementation Planning

The Implementation Plan compiles and documents essential elements of the change management formula, including:

  • confirming the business & technical objectives
  • defining success indicators
  • cataloguing data workflows to be incorporated into the EDMS
  • identifying key stakeholders interacting with data workflows
  • organisational/operational change management actions
  • designing and implementing
  • stakeholder engagement & feedback
  • risks & appropriate mitigation
  • Implementation Plans become ‘live’ documents that can then be updated as the implementation of ESdat evolves.
  • Implementation Plans can be developed for new and existing clients.

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