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Implementation Planning and Change Management

Implementation Planning and Change Management

Simply purchasing software does not necessarily lead to success.

Weak planning and ineffective roll-out can create more problems than you'd hoped to solve.

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Training staff increases job satisfaction, motivation and morale, and can result in greater staff retention.

EScIS trainers have over 10 years environmental consulting experience, so we speak your language.

We can develop content to suit your specific business needs.

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Do you need help with historical data?

Looking for innovative advantages in data management?

Enhance your strategy by leverage our extensive industry experience.

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Integration and Reporting

Integration and Reporting

Do you want to integrate ESdat with other software?

Do you need specific data outputs or reports?

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“The ability to efficiently interrogate data from multiple projects allows for improved research outcomes and continued environmental protection of one of Australia’s most pristine landscapes.

The roll-out of the broader ESdat license has been fantastically facilitated by the EScIS team to ensure a smooth transition and successful uptake across multiple teams”

Amie Leggett, SSB Project Manager

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