Positions Vacant

Support and Implementation Specialist

Closing Date: 28 June 2021

A Support and Implementation Specialist is required to expand the current team and assist with ongoing software implementation, user training, consulting, system optimisation and support.

The role is focussed on technical skillsets in using ESdat and accompanying products as well as to:

  • build personal relationships with, engage with, and support our key users;
  • train new and existing clients;
  • provide users with support and technical advice;
  • collate user feedback and provide suggestions for software improvements;
  • provide consulting assistance to ESdat Users;
  • generate support and FAQ materials;
  • optimisation of our SaaS (ESdat Online) and other systems for common user requirements;

The successful applicant can expect to work with leading mining, consulting, government and other companies that are implementing and using ESdat, as well as be in contact with environmental data experts at organisations that use ESdat.

Applicants will have experience working with geological and environmental data, will understand databases, will have used ESdat previously, and will have experience with commonly used geological/environmental software packages such as GIS software. Applicants will possess project management skills; good communication skills and have the ability to work independently and in a team.

EScIS is located in Byron Bay in northern NSW. Applicants will be given the option to work in Byron Bay or a home office based in a capital city (Periodic trips to Byron Bay will be required).

This is a full time position. Inquiries should be made by the Contact Us page or through your existing EScIS contacts. Late applications may be considered if the position is still open.