Mud Environmental - Case Study of a Truly Digital Business using ESdat Online

February 06, 2019 |

Mud Environmental is a boutique environmental consulting business operating in Adelaide, South Australia. Adrian Webber is the Mud Founder and Director and is also an SA Site Contamination Auditor.

Mud champion the virtual office concept, which aligns with the Mud values of innovation and using technology to support a flexible and family-based culture. This means the Mud team work at a variety of locations (and often from home as Mud don't have an office).

To support this Mud has adopted ESdat Online as their environmental data management system, together with other cloud-based packages for accounting and reporting. 

Before ESdat Online and at previous workplaces, the Mud team had experienced common data management challenges, including time-consuming manual data entry, missed exceedences, bottlenecks, cut & paste errors and problems sharing data.

Adopting ESdat Online has delivered the following benefits:

• Intuitive, automated and user-friendly - easy to get what is needed
• Increased time to consider data
• Automated QC checking, saving time
• Reduced time on peer reviewing data

Feedback from Mud is that ESdat Online is "overall, definitely the right tool" and "built for companies like ours."