Cristal Mining extends ESdat Usage

March 06, 2017 |

Cristal Mining extends ESdat Usage

Cristal Mining operates several mining and processing facilities in multiple jurisdictions, which are subject to ongoing environmental monitoring to comply with relevant legislation and regulations.

Central to Cristals' capture, management and reporting of environmental data is ESdat Server which is Cloud hosted, enabling access by multiple operations. As each operation has unique requirements they use a combination of Desktop and Server Browser Interfaces for data interpretation and reporting.

Other key elements of the ESdat Implementation include:

  • LSPECS to assist with managing a complex groundwater monitoring program
  • Weather data which loads directly to ESdat
  • Electronic field data collection forms and reporting for dust and emissions data
  • Custom outputs for use in annual reporting
  • A public portal to enable a regulator to query data, replacing PDF reports

Cristal Mining are achieving great outcomes with the ESdat Implementation, such as the efficiency gained through streamlined regulatory reporting via the public portal.

See the public portal here: