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Having the right software at your fingertips is all that many people need. Our software is designed to be simple and comes with a complete set of tutorials.

If your needs are more complex, EScIS can provide a full spectrum of services to focus on your specific requirements.

That might include assessing what you currently do and what needs to change; customisation of standard databases, interfaces or reports; installation; company specific protocols and proceedures; onsite expertise or historical data migration; or training to get the most out of the system.

For a quote on any of the above services please contact , or phone + 61 2 9232 8080  


Needs Assessment


When required, EScIS can offer a formalized Needs Assessment. 

EScIS will typically interview the main work groups and assess:  

Current Situations and Requirements:

  • Review current data requirements (inputs & outputs), how people currently handle data, and obtain examples.
  • Review requirements against functionality of the standard ESdat Implementation and extensions.


  • Assess corporate exposure (in case a person leaves and no one can find the files)

Time Savings:

  • An estimate of time currently spent managing data.
  • Estimate probable time savings.


EScIS will compare the requirements against standard ESdat functionality, available extensions, and customization work if required.  EScIS will detail the cost, and the timeline for delivery.


System Customization


ESdat, environmental & groundwater data software, is a highly configurable system, and can be configured either by our staff, or by power users within the userbase.

Typical customizations may include:

  • Support for extra categories of data.
  • Unusual reporting requirements.
  • Imports from different data sources.

In addition, EScIS can provide custom web data entry and reporting forms.


Historical Data Import


The Environmental Data Import Service provides a valuable, and cost effective alternative to users importing historical data in-house.

Although ESdat has powerful and easy to use mechanisms for importing historical data, the main impediment can be a messy dataset to begin with. Cleaning this dataset and removing in-consistencies is typically the major component of this work.

Staff at EScIS have performed this process many times, and have seen most of the issues that need to be addressed. Thus they don't need to waste your budget in doing it twice!


On-Site Expertise


If your organization is expecting a sudden and large influx of data from labs, field staff, or external consultants it may be of interest to have someone stationed in-house who has seen everything before, and can hit the ground running.  EScIS can provide staff on a secondment basis for short or long term assignments.

Many corporate implementations find that they have a large volume of historical data to import, as well as internal procedures to develop, contracts that need to specify particular formats for data delivery, as well as the convenience for internal staff in asking questions of someone sitting in the same office.

This service may also be used to supplement internal staff when seasonal or project workloads increase. Please contact EScIS for availability and rates.




EScIS can provide all the standard training packages for ESdat, LSpecs and PLog as detailed at Training

In addition EScIS can provide training in most of the packages developed by our developer partners.

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