Groundwater & Environmental Data Management Software & Services

Helping YOU do - what YOU want - with YOUR data.

EScIS provide environmental and groundwater database software, consultancy, advisory, programming, customization, implementation, and training services.

EScIS also develop and resell the ESdat suite of software. ESdat is used worldwide and is the most widely used environmental and groundwater data management and analysis package in the Asia / Pacific.  In a recent survey users rated: time savings, ease of use, and the ability to customize it as key benefits.

Groundwater & Environmental Data Management Software, Services & Training

In contrast to the expense and years of frustration previously incurred trying (and failing) to implement an alternative environmental data management solution; ESdat was operational and being actively used on projects after only two days of training. This is all the more impressive as the majority of the active users have no prior data management expertise or experience.

The decision to purchase the ESdat software including the LSpec Sample Planning Module and PLog is already generating a return on our initial investment through the efficient interrogation and reporting of geo-environmental data. 

  Shaun McKenna. Tata Steel


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